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The Impromptu Speech
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
setting, argue, usable, listen, preparation, base, muscle, steam
Why are we doing an impromptu speech?
it is a good model to take to any speech                where you have to speak without much                       
the format allows you to quickly put together a speech that is easy to              to
this is the first speech assignment because it is a          model for the other speeches
has fewer moving parts than the other speeches, but
"Sorry, I was trying to stay with the mechanical metaphor but I totally ran out of           ."
this will be a basic model you can build into your              memory and fall back on
basic procedure
1. select a prompt
2. prepare an outline in 5 minutes
this is a good time limit to practice a realistic speed of preparing a short talk: it doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be              for a speech
3. deliver a 3-6 minute speech
point #1
point #2
the prompts
these are just topics so you can take them and make any argument out of them
"I don't care which way you           , I care that you're making good arguments."
about the topics
I know that you are interested in public speaking
I know you have some experience with online education
not just American topics
you just need to be able to weight in one way or the other
argue for and against, a good skill base to have
delivery is more important than invention in public speaking
the prevalence of the television soundbite has significantly hurt the quality of public speeches
online education will never replace traditional universities
Coursera should charge a small fee for classes in order to pay for staffing and website development.
online courses re better than face-to-face instruction
How to Record and Post your Speech for Peer Review
The Impromptu Speech
Impromptu Speech: Outlining and Flowing
Developing Main Points Quickly