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The Value of Meaning in Work
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
salvage, left, useful, demotivated, valuable, changed, engineers, visionary, two, present, demotivating, own, cancelled, maze
talked to software company
200                    in room
had worked on project which was supposedly the next                    project for the company
worked on it for        years
a week before the CEO                    the project
it was a                        group
they reported that they began to come to work later, and go home earlier
the CEO was seeing the workers as rats in a         
made them run in this direction for two years
it wasn't a good direction anymore
simply                the direction
many of these workers          the company after this experience
asked them another question
in what way could the CEO have cancelled this project in a way that would not be so                         
if he had allowed them to                the project in front of the whole company
if he had allowed them to think about what aspects of this technology could be              for other projects
these ideas would take time and money
but they would                meaning that is alive in the employees and which motivates them
Google allows employees to work 20% of their time on their        projects
one purpose of this is to develop useful projects
another purpose is to help make people feel                  and help maintain and nurture the meaning that they feel in the jobs
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