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Capturing Images of X-Ray Sources from Space
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
hostile, rigors, parallel, absorbed, star, optical, atmosphere, Chandra, barrels, bounced, penetrate, 1999, ricochet, iridium, satellites, electronics, Scorpius, four, focal, bullets
visible light can be                of a curved mirror and directed to a            point
x-ray light, however, will be                  by the mirror
will not bounce back to the focal point
X-ray photons                    into the mirror in much the same way that                slam into a wall
likewise, just as bullets                  when they hit a wall at a grazing angle, so too will X-rays ricochet off mirrors
therefore X-ray telescopes must be constructed very different from                telescopes
mirrors have to be precisely shaped and aligned nearly                  to incoming X-rays
they look more like                than the familiar dish shape of optical telescopes
x-ray telescope
designed to observe remote objects in the X-ray spectrum
the Earth's                      absorbs X-rays, X-ray observatories
must therefore be mounted on high altitude rockets or artificial                      in order to get above the Earth's atmosphere
mirrors, detectors, and                        that convey the information back to Earth must be able to
withstand the              of a rocket launch
operate in the                environment of space
NASA's                X-ray Observatory
most important X-ray astronomy mission to date
launched on July 23,         
         sets of nested mirrors
the mirror surface was coated with               , a material more reflective than gold
Sco X-1 (Scorpius X-1)
roughly 9000 light years away in the constellation                 
aside from the Sun, it is the strongest apparent source of X-rays in the sky
is associated with an optically visible         , V818 Scorpii
The Nature of Images
Image Formation
Capturing Images of X-Ray Sources from Space