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Notes on video lecture:
What is Design?
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
humans, logos, nature, Caprese, fossil, staircase, Zyliss, business
what are artifacts?
objects that were created by             
as opposed to artifacts found in             
e.g. a              of a fish is an object but not an artifact
in contrast, an ice cream scoop is an object and an artifact
clearly made by humans
the term artifact includes non-physical objects
design is the creation of artifacts, and artifacts are anything that is made by humans can be a designed artifact
the Insalata               , allegedly invented by someone on the island of Capri in the south of Italy
the Fine Arts Library at the University of Pennsylvania
a                    in the Apple store in Tokyo
or a bit of scheme code, the the print out of the code, but the symbolic representation of the code
where do artifacts come from
the              ice cream scoop
the development of the ice cream scoop
someone uses a spoon to scoop out frozen ice cream
spoon bends (gap)
there is plan to solve the problem
plan is turned into an artifact
problem is solved
conceiving and giving form to artifacts that solve problems
typical of design is that artifacts create new gaps or problems
Scott Kim
creates inversions,            that read the same right-side-up or up-side-down
is this design?
no: they are self-expression, they are more representative of art
however, if you are solving a problem such as a logo on a laptop that needs to be read upside-down as well as right-side up, then it is design
Design is conceiving and giving form to artifacts that solve problems.

Ideas and Concepts:

On the definition of design, via tonight's Creation of Artifacts in Society class: "Is a graphic which can be read both right-side-up and upside-down design? No. It is art. However, if it is created as a laptop logo in order to solve the problem of having a logo which can be read both right-side-up when the laptop is closed, as well as upside-down when the laptop is open, then it is design. Design is conceiving and giving form to artifacts that solve specific problems."
What is Design?