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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Democrat, Hyde, aristocratic, business, education, Harding, France, democracy, Poland, 1928, cousin, Civil, six, seven, Groton, Stalin, Campobello, freedom, Alf, Georgia, sailing, Navy, foreign, victory, isolationism, politics, Columbia, Wilson, stress, starvation, Harvard, Cox, Hoover
born 1882 in          Park in upstate New York
came from the wealthy and                          from the Hyde Park branch of the family
parents provided him with the best                    possible
he attended              School in Groton, Massachusetts
graduated in history at               
studied law at                  University
1905 married a distant             , Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt
had        children
he began practicing at a New York law firm but                  was his main passion
elected to the New York State Senate, but as a                 
1912 supported             's campaign
William appointed him to the same post that had brought Theodore Roosevelt to prominence, Assistant Secretary of the         
specialized in the                  side of naval administration
1920 named Democrat candidate for the vice president, along with presidential hopeful, James       
lost that election to               /Coolidge
the United States retreated into                         
FDR returned to private life
1921 while vacationing at                      Island, he contracted polio
in spite of all his efforts, he never regained the use of his legs
with support of Eleanor and his political adviser, he resumed his political career
after strenuous campaign in         , he was elected as governor of New York
while the Great Depression was damaging President              and the Republicans
his efforts to combat it in New York enhanced his reputation
1932 he won the presidency by            million votes
once elected, he faced the greatest crisis in American history since the            War
urgent actions were needed to reverse the economic collapse
these measures became his New Deal program
during the first 100 days, he sent much legislation to congress
saved millions from                     
involved the government directly in areas of social and economic life as never before
1936 due to enormous popularity of the New Deal, he easily defeated        Landon (1887-1987)
1939 outbreak of war in Europe
had to increasingly concentrate on                affairs
when Hitler attacked             
immediately took measures to prepare for American involvement
despite isolationist opposition
1940 fall of             : increase preparations
U.S. Congress enacted a draft for military service, FDR signed a lend-lease bill to help the nations at war with Germany and Italy
he believed America must become the arsenal of                   
the last defense of world               
1941 Pearl Harbor attack
made many decisions on war-time strategy
created a Grand Alliance against the Axis Powers
FDR, Churchill,             
the unending              of the war wore Roosevelt out
1944 strict diet and heavy medication
successfully campaigned for a fourth presidential term
April 1945 in               , suffered stroke
died at the age of 63
his death came on the eve of complete military                for the United States
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