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Disguised Odysseus Meets Eumaeus
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
maps, audience, humble, low, weaving, close, strangers, trusted, hospitality, information, swineherd, prestige
Odysseus finding his way into his own house
Odysseus in disguise
makes contacts
a puppy when Odysseus left
Eumaeus [oo-MAY-us]
Odysseus' former                   
social position is at        as it can go
has a position in the household with no                 
Odysseus is entering his house at the lowest points
but he receives                       
Eumaeus has a              style
offers pig meat, less expensive
sheep skin for a bed
Odysseus is a good guest
Homer refers to Eumaeus in the second person "you"
means he is a                person
Odysseus needs information
needs to offer Eumaeus some things
then wants to ask Eumaeus                       
two of them go back and forth
like                the fabric of their social interaction
Odysseus lies
he is an liar
cooks up a long story
Eumaeus lets out information
many                    come to visit the island
Penelope welcomes them and listens to news for Odysseus
positive of Penelope
Eumaeus asks disguised Odysseus who he is
Odysseus knows his                 
tells him what he wants to hear
"when you tell a lie, you should tell a lie that is            to the truth"
this lets you inhabit the lie since it's close to something that you experienced
his story "         onto" what he experienced
says that Odysseus is coming
sees what Eumaeus thinks of that
Eumaeus is happy to hear that
Eumaeus mentions that Odysseus is just telling tall tales
but will be a good host to him anyway
neither person is a fool
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