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Barnga: A Simulation Game of Cross-Cultural Encounters
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
language, automatic, competent, emotional, autopilot, consciously, nation, rules, complicated, strange, emotional, confusing, serious, talk, rules, anthropologists, different
Russians are very proud of their culture, their             , their history
this is a, of course,                        statement and not always true
but this pride in culture, nation, and history is a                component of being Russian
true for other cultures as well
cultures make us                   , not an object that we study away from us
a simulation game of cross-cultural encounters
created by two                               
cultural knowledge is important when interacting with people in other cultures
participants in a card game tournament
not allowed to         
two winners, these move to another table
they continue playing with new partners
as they play at the new table,                things happen
unbeknownst to the players, their new partners play according to slightly different           
players get                   : angry, frustrated
they will eventually, hopefully, arrive at an understanding that the rules are slightly different for others
similar to the experience of being in a                    culture
even if you have a common                 , there are often misunderstandings as you learn the different rules
people don't think about these rules, they are                   , a part of your culture
culture makes life easy because it enables us to work in a kind of                    mode
we don't think about how we say hi to our friends, or polite exchanges at the store, we do it everyday, but when we get to another culture, these simple activities may become difficult,                   , and stressful
results from the Barnga simulation
the feeling of culture: you realize what it is when it isn't there
you learn how little you                        know about your own culture
going to another culture is like playing a game where you don't know all the           
your experience and success in a target culture depends on how                    you are at learning about and adapting to your target culture
"Culture makes life easy because it enables us to work in a kind of autopilot mode."
Barnga: A Simulation Game of Cross-Cultural Encounters
History of Intercultural Communication