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Notes on video lecture:
Inside the Snapdragon 805 Chip
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Adreno, memory, Motorola, package, logic, Snapdragon, apps, fetch, Nexus, cameras, files, stack, Acorn, Qualcomm, display, cell, decoder, pipelining, wires, System, task, flow, particle, reflections, half, cores, orchestrate
a look inside a smartphone
contains a                      805 chip from Qualcomm Corporation
smartphones that have a Snapdragon 800, 801 or 805
           6 smartphone
released by Google and                  in 2014
logic board
many components
Snapdragon 805 package
one component is actually one stacked on top of another
the 805 chip is inside the package to hold the chip
on top of that is a              chip
flash memory chip
where          are stored
Snapdragon 805 chip
size of fingernail
SoC design (            s-on-Chip)
single chip contains pretty much an entire computer system
specialized processing engines
general purpose processor
the processer that runs your apps
                 makes their own processor called Krait
contains four CPUs
called "          "
each CPU can run an individual app or different portions of an app
get information to and from memory
which is on top of the Snapdragon 805               
handle specific tasks
handles screen graphics
             420 GPU
display engine
transfers the graphic information to your screen
playing ultra-high definition video and music
supports 4K video
ISPs (Image Signal Processors)
handling input from the two               
specialized processors for handling sensor inputs
GPS controller
USB: Universal Serial Bus
engineering standard for doing communication through           
connect smartphone to laptop
overlay block
for communication
e.g. with          towers
overlay because in the 800 and 801 they are on the SoC (System on a Chip)
but on 805 these are on a separate chip
better handles 4K than the 800 and 801
evolving communications standards, so you take some functionality off of the main chip
how chip operates when accomplishing a complex         , e.g. playing a game
the four Krait Quad Core CPU
                       game play
handle artificial intelligence of non-player characters
handle animation and physics of collisions and                  movement
lightings, shadows,                       
digital signal processor
processes audio files
system memory
has            which is kept above the 805 chip
display engine
specialized unit on 805 chip
reads the information generated by the GPU and video decoder and sends it to the               
advantages for organizing the SoC in this way
all processors working at the same time on their tasks
energy efficiency
better to have a specialized video decoder than to perform those functions on the generalized CPU
you can save over          of the energy by having specialized hardware
details of the Krait CPU
the            from bottom to top
digital logic
transistors and wires
may have billions
put together in            gates
to select two values
to store numbers
to create controllers which orchestrate the          of data through the computer
computer organization
application programs
instruction set called ARM (           RISC Machine)
a kind of reduced instruction set computing (RISC)
add and subtract
hardware design
micro architecture
instruction decode
operand fetch
Inside the Snapdragon 805 Chip