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1960s: The Silver Age of Comics
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
long, Lantern, Vietnam, Sheena, artists, original, 1966, Innocent, Invasion, Olsen, importance, Lichtenstein, comic, 1962, heroes, end, hair, silver, clear, Flash, Lane, Batman, England, larger, American, golden
1955 end of the              age of comics
the golden age of comic books came to an       
it was almost the end of the            book itself
as a result of the book The Seduction of the                 , and the work of Dr. Fredric Wertham
many comic companies went out of business
comic book writers, editors and                were denigrated in society
Superman television series
no other comic book TV shows at the time
except             , Queen of the Jungle
some new comics introduced
Lois          Comics
Jimmy            Comics
although they were not superheroes, they were featured in the Superman TV series
1956 beginning of the              age
brand new version of The           
from DC, number four
more scientific than the original Flash in the 1940s
more scientific and science fiction oriented than magic-oriented                  version of the 1940s
an emphasis on the atomic
The Atom
students were being told to duck and cover in their classes
so they needed new             
1960s                War
not a popular war
new music coming from               
the British                 
the Beatles had a new          cut
the buzz cuts of the 50s were rejected by the          hair of the Beatles
the slogan of Superman, "Truth, Justice, and the                  Way" was no longer clear
it wasn't            what the American way was anymore
Andy Warhol
         Campbell's Soup Can
took panels out of American comic books
painted them on a              canvas
showed the                      of comic books
that it was also art
The              TV Series
gave us catch phrases like Bop! Pow! and Zowie!
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