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Notes on video lecture:
Reading a City's Skyline: Florence
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
ordinary, decided, palaces, bell, hierarchy, market, lives, meet, dukes, monastic, shared, old, Medici, town, 1436, Fiore, Giotto, datum, Duomo, fabric, banking, diagram, Popes, 1296, religious, European
a city's skyline
tells something about the city's values and                   
traditional                  city
clear diagram of
what was                 
what the                could rise above the skyline
below the skyline
the              of life
where everyone            and works
whether you are the wealthiest or the poorest, your building operates as part of that           
above the skyline
buildings that have particular political or                    significance
church and          tower
         hall and bell tower
below the skyline: the datum
humble houses
church buildings of various kinds
above the skyline: what is highlighted
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del           
main church of Florence
         completed structurally
located in Piazza del           
Florence Baptistery
            's Campanile (bell tower)
town hall
as you approach Florence
you see what the city values
these high buildings were used to call people together to         
they both have bell towers that are high and thus can be heard
             family made dome for their tombs
originally an Italian                family
the family became very important
made themselves            of the city
became a kind of nobility
produced three            of the Catholic Church
skyline represents a                of the city's hierarchy and values
this is an        way of thinking about cities
the skyline was a structure defining              values
today we essentially allow              forces to define the skyline of the city


main church in Florence
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
two other structures next to the main church in Florence
Florence Baptistery, Giotto's Campanile (bell tower)
Reading a City's Skyline: Florence