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Popular and Classical Music Compared
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
three, unfold, notation, instrumental, beat, document, complicated, lyrics, artifact, cover, people, 30, acoustic, electric, old, repetitious, 19th, Bach, Germany
most of the world generally listens to what is called "popular music"
it is the "music of the             "
music that most everybody likes
downloads of popular music outnumber download of classical music about      to 1
classical music
the adjective "classical" generally applies to an                  that has been around for centuries, passed down from generation to generation
in Western society, the term "classical music" was first used rather late in the          century
in                where concert pianists were told to go back and play older music
the music of the late 18th century
the difference between popular music and classical music
1. popular music often uses                  instruments
classical music uses                  instruments
instruments generating sounds from natural materials
2. popular music has              which tell you what the music is about
classical music is usually purely                         
the music itself has to tell you what it's about, has to sound out it's meaning
3. pop music tends to have a strong         
in classical music, the beat is most often more subdued
4. pop music tends to be short and                       
typically about            minutes long
the melody and the tune get sung again and again
classical pieces
almost always longer
20 or 30 minutes long or even more
5. pop music is usually performed without musical                 
there is no prescriptive written                  for pop performances
any particular artist can do a            or remix of a song
classical music
is        and must be done more or less the same each time
classical music performances really don't differ all that much from one performance to the next
it is                        music and needs to be written out

Ideas and Concepts:

On one of the differences between classical music and pop music, as sung by Billy Joel, via tonight's Classical Music course: "It was a beautiful song, but it ran too long, if you're gonna have a hit, you gotta make it fit, so they cut it down to 3:05."
Popular and Classical Music Compared
Music and Emotions