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The Android Development Environment
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
edge, location, onCreate, ADT, hardware, Dalvik, USB, JDK6, everything, Hierarchy
Android development environment
you need         
JDK7 will work but is not fully supported by Android
download and install the Android Tools        Bundle
latest Android platform
Eclipse + ADT Plugin
latest system image for emulator
run and debug applications
additional development tools
link: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html; Android SDK with Eclipse and ADT Bundle; Current standard development environment for Android apps
link: http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/studio.html; Android Studio; Google's solution for Android development
HelloWorld application
click icon, see white screen that says "Hello World"
create new project
Android Application project
package name: course.examples.hellowandroid
next, next
                () is run first
Android Virtual Device Manager
create a GalaxyNexus
click on machine and choose start, then the emulator
benefits of emulator
you can configure                  characteristics
won't damage the device
negatives of emulator
quite slow
no support for blue tooth or connecting        connections
it's not an actual device so can't test                     
advanced features of emulators
network speed/latencies
battery power
mock                  coordinates
terminal window
telnet localhost 5554
emulators slower          network with network speed edge
then change back to 3G: network speed full
lower battery: power capacity 5
unplug the emulator: power status not-charging
open up maps, it thinks it is near Washington DC
then sends geo fix 0.00 40.00 now in beach in Spain
emulate incoming SMS: sms send 3015557777 "this is a test message"
allows two emulators to interact with each other
dials second with first
dials the port number 5554
application that has a bug
sets breakpoint
right click project, debug as, android application
breakpoint line highlighted
steps through
help most when you have a good idea where the error is being caused
monitoring tools in DDMS (             Debug Monitor Service)
file explorer
files on file system of device
logcat view
either system or custom
trace view
traces the methods that your application calls
debugs to break point
open DDMS viw
click on start profiling
resume application
let app run
stop profiling
trace view shows each method calls sequne and duration
profil and timeline views
UI                    Viewer
shows the runtime organization of the user interface
runs application
Android Architecture
The Android Development Environment
Developing an Android App
The Activity Class
Fields of the Intent Class
Android Permissions
The Fragment Class