My name is Edward Tanguay.
I have a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, a Masters in Education, and am currently working as a web developer in Berlin, Germany.

I watch over 200 college-level MOOC lectures per year in subjects such as history , psychology, science, religion, art, philosophy, and IT development in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, and record my notes here.
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The primary goal of this Learn Tracker project is to build a web site which serves as one place to record the notes of everything that I am learning from MOOC classes, to foreign languages, to useful code examples and technical how-to notes, so that I not only have an overview of what I have learned, but can search and recall these notes at any time.

The secondary goal of this Learn Tracker project is to work together with companies, universities, and MOOC providers to build software that allows employees, students, and learners to record what they are learning in an efficient way so that it serves not only as (1) a record of what they have learned, but also (2) a place for them to review and search what they have learned.

Since January 2013, I have watched and recorded notes on over 300 MOOC lectures from over 30 different courses in both English and French, and have watched and recorded notes and flashcards on over 50 foreign language videos in Italian, French and Spanish. (I am curently still adding notes I took from 2013 and plan to be caught up by the end of January 2014.

June 2016 Learn Certificate
Watched and took notes on 11 college lectures:
Learned 2 vocabulary words:
Learned about 1 person:
Corrected 5 misspelling:
mercantalist, ecxtasy, purgery, varification, wiley
Recorded 176 Flashcards from MOOC lectures:
  • A window will appear offering you to install
  • Add in the section
  • Although sometimes
  • And in today's lesson
  • As we will see soon
  • But at the same time
  • Check the box
  • Click on the checkbox
  • Copy the folder location
  • Download the file beforehand
  • Finally paste the text
  • First we will start by
  • For the Jews of antiquity
  • He had, for them, no relation to
  • If everything went as planned
  • In answering this question
  • In fact
  • It is not known exactly how long
  • Moreover we might have to talk about
  • Of course
  • On the one hand
  • Or maybe on the contrary
  • Surprising as it may seem
  • The commands that we will have to execute
  • The faith in the divity of Jesus
  • The first use was in the seventh century
  • Therefore before discussing historians
  • To conclude it
  • To make it more accessible
  • a semicolon
  • a series of names
  • a set of port cities joined together by multiple exchanges
  • a shortcut to Geany on your desktop
  • according to their geography you can speak of a single Mediterranean
  • an evocative idea with many meanings
  • and instead of dividing it by east and west
  • and more onto the next one
  • as people bathed in its waters
  • as stated in the well-known song
  • between development and underdevelopment
  • between progress and backwardness
  • claimed by the Christians
  • disproportionate
  • emanating from the mainstream
  • go to the menu
  • halfway between us and them
  • he rose again on the third day of his burial
  • he who is annointed
  • he who is anointed of God
  • in a tone certainly imperialist
  • in the course of the first century
  • in the search bar
  • in the tab
  • install it like any other application
  • is located
  • is needed in the church
  • namely the sea that was historically under the area of influence
  • nor is it a place completely alien to Europe
  • one coule be tempted
  • or press F9
  • perhaps there is a
  • preaching
  • prophet of the Kingdom
  • raises important debates
  • reopen
  • requires
  • right click on Computer
  • separated by the Strait of Sicily
  • solution that I note here
  • still we have reason to wonder
  • supposedly
  • that appears on the screen
  • the F9 key
  • the Gospels
  • the advent of a new era
  • the belief in the Messiah
  • the heart
  • the place was conceived
  • the substantive use
  • to enter your code
  • to run your code
  • to wash the sins of Israel
  • was able to be built
  • we might have to split it differently
  • what are we talking about when
  • which are further away from its waters
  • which found itself very early
  • which will start to appear
  • who came to announce the knowledge of the father
  • who were the Five Good Emperors
  • whose economy depends somehow on the sea
  • will not agree on this point
  • with the help of the mouse
  • Because, suddenly (FRENCH)
  • But ethics flourishes fully (FRENCH)
  • Each experiences (FRENCH)
  • I don't take for my center (FRENCH)
  • I realize in the end (FRENCH)
  • I will have my joy adn fulfillment (FRENCH)
  • If the child does cheat (FRENCH)
  • It is not based on the fact (FRENCH)
  • It's experiencing the most pleasure possible (FRENCH)
  • The social issue of ethics (FRENCH)
  • This refusal is based on the idea that (FRENCH)
  • a painful effort (FRENCH)
  • a strong desire for sweets (FRENCH)
  • accomplishment (FRENCH)
  • after much sweating and enduring (FRENCH)
  • attached to the game (FRENCH)
  • because as an individual (FRENCH)
  • blossoming (FRENCH)
  • can experience the same satisifaction (FRENCH)
  • chance (FRENCH)
  • defeat is not mine (FRENCH)
  • from Scotland (FRENCH)
  • in order to live together (FRENCH)
  • it is not given at the onset (FRENCH)
  • little chance to get any (FRENCH)
  • market society is intended to satisfy this aspiration (FRENCH)
  • provided it is successful (FRENCH)
  • reasons for cheating (FRENCH)
  • something empty (FRENCH)
  • state of pain and suffering (FRENCH)
  • that is fully opened (FRENCH)
  • the refusal to continue to accept (FRENCH)
  • they cannot tempt me (FRENCH)
  • to aim to achieve something (FRENCH)
  • what counts is not what I do (FRENCH)
  • what matters is their feelings (FRENCH)
  • which I want to get to play chess (FRENCH)
  • which one never succeeds (FRENCH)
  • About three years later (SPANISH)
  • Decades later Jackson Pollock also used (SPANISH)
  • From the historical point of view (SPANISH)
  • If we look carefully (SPANISH)
  • Nonetheless (SPANISH)
  • There he won the support of important patrons (SPANISH)
  • a large alterpiece (SPANISH)
  • a vertical strip (SPANISH)
  • almost (SPANISH)
  • and he did it (SPANISH)
  • and it has been cut at the top (SPANISH)
  • and that would have been far from white (SPANISH)
  • are typical features (SPANISH)
  • could and should (SPANISH)
  • could define (SPANISH)
  • due to the strange proportions (SPANISH)
  • for one of his paintings (SPANISH)
  • freed from the rules (SPANISH)
  • he always signed his Greek name (SPANISH)
  • he opened up a workshop (SPANISH)
  • his mature style (SPANISH)
  • his way of shaping space (SPANISH)
  • in broader and more personal terms (SPANISH)
  • in the opposite direction as the others (SPANISH)
  • in which according to Christian beliefs (SPANISH)
  • it was there where his previous learning (SPANISH)
  • outside of Spain (SPANISH)
  • reddish brown (SPANISH)
  • rediscovery (SPANISH)
  • remained unfinished (SPANISH)
  • that came from the classic statues (SPANISH)
  • that was inspired by ancient sculpture (SPANISH)
  • the dove of the Holy Spirit (SPANISH)
  • the elongated forms (SPANISH)
  • they asked (SPANISH)
  • to clean the brushes (SPANISH)
  • to conceal parts of the canvas (SPANISH)
  • to cover the entire canvas before painting (SPANISH)
  • to get the sketchy aspect that he was looking for (SPANISH)
  • to give warmth to the colors (SPANISH)
  • to test the colors (SPANISH)
  • when he was about thirty-five years old (SPANISH)
  • when the six pictures are seen together (SPANISH)
  • which had already been achieved by Leonardo (SPANISH)
  • which had governed (SPANISH)
Friday, June 3, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
le christianisme
au départ simple courant au sein du judaïsme
est devenu rapidement un mouvement important qui s'est retrouvé très tôt en situation de conflit avec la culture gréco-romaine
est une religion issue du judaïsme
née en Palestine... view all notes
Ebionites, n. From the Greek Ἐβιωναῖοι which is derived from the Hebrew ebyonim, or "the poor", the Ebionites were a Jewish Christian movement that existed during the early centuries of the Christian Era. They regarded Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah while rejecting his divinity, and insisted on the necessity of following Jewish law and rites. As their name suggests that they placed a special value on voluntary poverty.  "After his death, Jesus had in the eyes of his disciples the status of a reformer, a prophet of the Kingdom, and the devine Messiah, but certain early Christian groups such as the Ebionites, contested the divinity of Jesus and considered him to be a simple prophet."
Marcionism, n. An Early Christian dualist belief system that originated in the teachings of Marcion of Sinope at Rome around the year 144. Marcion believed Jesus was the savior sent by God, and Paul the Apostle was his chief apostle, but he rejected the Hebrew Bible and the God of Israel. Marcionists believed that the wrathful Hebrew God was a separate and lower entity than the all-forgiving God of the New Testament. This belief was in some ways similar to Gnostic Christian theology, notably, both are dualistic in that they both they posit opposing gods, forces, or principles: one higher, spiritual, and good, and the other lower, material, and evil, as in Manicheism. Other Christian views of the time, in contrast, viewed evil as having no independent existence, but merely a privation or lack of good, e.g. a view shared by the Jewish theologian Moses Maimonides (1135-1204).
Monday, June 6, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
New Kingdom Period
15th century BCE
the largest extent of Egyptian rule
occupies the whole of the Nile Valley to the sixth cataracts
cataracts are little waterfalls on the Nile that make trade by boat particularly challenging... view all notes
Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
A HISTORY OF THE WORLD SINCE 1300, Princeton University
the 19th century saw a drive to reorganize the world economy on new principles
instead of the mercantilist empires pulling the parts of the world together
empires began reaching into the hinterlands
now what we see are different relationships emerging based on the flows of labor, capital, and commodities dictated by market forces
a global economic system which was reinforced by a deepening industrial revolution... view all notes
Friday, June 10, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
DESCUBRIENDO LA PINTURA EUROPEA DE 1400 A 1800, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
en la segunda mitad del siglo XVI
durante la última fase del Renacimiento
muchos artistas se sintieron liberados de las normas que habían gobernado el arte de generaciones anteriores
el objetivo de crear en sus cuadros un mundo que
pareciese realista... view all notes
Saturday, June 11, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
SEXING THE CANVAS: ART AND GENDER, The University of Melbourne
the culture of sensibility
began a central part of Thomas Gainesborough's work
the man of feeling
embraced by inclined individuals in both the rural and urban spheres in Britain and elsewhere in Europe
first came to prominence in that late 17th century as the sustenance economies of Europe began to be overtaken by a more robust, commercial economy that allowed for the development of a more orderly society in which a new set of social ideals were paramount... view all notes
Monday, June 13, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
in 1914, the destruction of Leuven library
German intellectuals took defense of the German cause
Husserl's support of the world implicated him in the support of German actions during the war including the destruction of the Leuven library
it is an irony that Husserl's own manuscripts were saved on the eve of the Second World War
one hundred years after the war to end all wars, we look back with a kind of dumbfounded amazement at how an entire generation of sophisticated intellectuals like Husserl seemingly lost all sense of reason and philosophical orientation in supporting the war... view all notes
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
Alasdair MacIntyre (1929-)
il a écrit un livre qui l'a rendu mondialement connu intitulé "après la vertu"
il a voulu montrer l'importance de réactiver à ses yeux l'éthique des vertus
alors il part d'abord de l'histoire des modernes
qui est interprétée par lui comme l'histoire d'une perte... view all notes
Friday, June 17, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
phenomenology emerged near the turn of the 20th century
one main goal of phenomenology is to enrich your perception and reflection as your live your life from day to day
emerged from 20th century European philosophy
founder was Edmund Husserl (1859-1938)
was a professor at Göttingen and Freiburg Universities... view all notes
Monday, June 20, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
INTRODUCTION À LA PROGRAMMATION EN C++, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
comment installer les outils pour programmer en C++ sous Linux
un éditeur pour taper le code
ouvrez un terminal et tapez la commande : sudo apt-get install g++ espace geany... view all notes
Saturday, June 25, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
el termino Mediterráneo
es un uso relativamente reciente
el primero en emplearlo fue en el siglo séptimo, Isidoro de Sevilla
con anterioridad había recibido casi tantos nombres distintos
para los judíos de la antigüedad era... view all notes
Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
a look inside a smartphone
contains a Snapdragon 805 chip from Qualcomm Corporation
smartphones that have a Snapdragon 800, 801 or 805
Nexus 6 smartphone
released by Google and Motorola in 2014... view all notes
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