My name is Edward Tanguay.
I have a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, a Masters in Education, and am currently working as a web developer in Berlin, Germany.

I watch over 200 college-level MOOC lectures per year in subjects such as history , psychology, science, religion, art, philosophy, and IT development in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, and record my notes here.
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The primary goal of this Learn Tracker project is to build a web site which serves as one place to record the notes of everything that I am learning from MOOC classes, to foreign languages, to useful code examples and technical how-to notes, so that I not only have an overview of what I have learned, but can search and recall these notes at any time.

The secondary goal of this Learn Tracker project is to work together with companies, universities, and MOOC providers to build software that allows employees, students, and learners to record what they are learning in an efficient way so that it serves not only as (1) a record of what they have learned, but also (2) a place for them to review and search what they have learned.

Since January 2013, I have watched and recorded notes on over 300 MOOC lectures from over 30 different courses in both English and French, and have watched and recorded notes and flashcards on over 50 foreign language videos in Italian, French and Spanish. (I am curently still adding notes I took from 2013 and plan to be caught up by the end of January 2014.

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  • People might object that algorithms could ever mak...
  • Given twentieth-century technology, it was ineffic...
  • Democracy in its present form cannot survive the m...
  • But there is another facet of empathy, the capacit...
  • The television commercial is not so much about the...
  • The television commercial has become the chief ins...
  • Un matin, comme il s'en retournait par la courtine...
  • In The Birth of Tragedy, Nietzsche claims that Wes...
  • The questions that scare us the most are precisely...
  • There are few more gripping illustrations than the...
  • Nuestra naturaleza básica consiste en actuar, no e...
  • Der Regen fällt in vielen Tropfen. Man hört sie au...
  • One unusual trait in human females that has baffle...
  • Gongs and drums, banners and flags, are means wher...
  • Everyone knows the name of Isaac Newton. There are...
  • Contrary to what people believe about the intuitio...
  • We chide ourselves for even momentarily giving val...
  • Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they kn...
  • Human groups have always been in competition to so...
  • Most of human nature was shaped by natural selecti...
  • Er verführt uns, den Blick über den engen Brunnenr...

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  • After the father's death
  • And as I was looking for the cause
  • At once the roar of the organ was silent and I awoke
  • Friedrich reports in a moving text
  • He strode toward the church
  • I get older
  • I have not experienced a comparable rapture for a long time
  • I was holding the mirror here
  • In this restrictive framework
  • Whatever the truth of this dream
  • a form of contempt
  • among angels rather than men
  • an oil stain
  • because they stand too close to the table
  • befriends two sons
  • better than anything, explains this neutrality
  • both moral and spiritual
  • deepens his knowledge
  • dressed in his shroud
  • during a dinner
  • frail, kind and sickly
  • he had convulsions
  • is not so much the content of the teachings
  • lack of bias
  • not very good at drawing
  • self-control required by the institution
  • settle a hour away from there
  • shopkeeper
  • started an inexorable decline
  • summoned in this same narrative
  • that we demand a lot
  • the historical backdrop
  • the praise
  • the softness of his muscles is betrayed with every step
  • to get closer to Wagner
  • very demanding
  • very obedient
  • whole verses of the Bible
  • would haunt him all his life
Monday, September 30, 2019
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
Friedrich Nietzsche est né le 15 octobre 1844 à Röcken une petite ville d'Allemagne, située près de Leipzig
l'Allemagne d'alors est un Etat encore en formation
le Saint Empire romain germanique, constitué d'une multitude d'Etats, a été dissous en 1806, pendant les guerres napoléoniennes
l'Allemagne va être unifiée en 1871, sous l'égide de Bismarck et de la Prusse
– ces événements sont importants car ils constituent la toile de fond historique de la philosophie de Nietzsche et l'on retrouve de nombreuses allusions dans son oeuvre, notamment une critique assez féroce du nationalisme allemand... view all notes
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