My name is Edward Tanguay.
I have a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, a Masters in Education, and am currently working as a web developer in Berlin, Germany.

I watch over 200 college-level MOOC lectures per year in subjects such as history , psychology, science, religion, art, philosophy, and IT development in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, and record my notes here.
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The primary goal of this Learn Tracker project is to build a web site which serves as one place to record the notes of everything that I am learning from MOOC classes, to foreign languages, to useful code examples and technical how-to notes, so that I not only have an overview of what I have learned, but can search and recall these notes at any time.

The secondary goal of this Learn Tracker project is to work together with companies, universities, and MOOC providers to build software that allows employees, students, and learners to record what they are learning in an efficient way so that it serves not only as (1) a record of what they have learned, but also (2) a place for them to review and search what they have learned.

Since January 2013, I have watched and recorded notes on over 300 MOOC lectures from over 30 different courses in both English and French, and have watched and recorded notes and flashcards on over 50 foreign language videos in Italian, French and Spanish. (I am curently still adding notes I took from 2013 and plan to be caught up by the end of January 2014.

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Watched and took notes on 6 college lectures:
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Recorded 26 insights from books I'm reading:
  • What possible interest could the American public h...
  • Das Gehirn erzeugt ständig die Erfahrung, dass ich...
  • Denn gerade in den letzten Jahren war, ähnlich wie...
  • Eine durch Jahrhunderte weglose intellektuelle Ene...
  • The God-crazed Puritans and gold-crazed Virginians...
  • Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), John Wesley (1703-17...
  • Ben Franklin and his fellow Founders' conceptions ...
  • While none of the Founders called himself an athei...
  • Surely by now we all know that software is best de...
  • We had just arrived to the funeral after a long dr...
  • Over the last decades there has been an immense ad...
  • The company Mattersight uses computer algorithms t...
  • Los principios no son prácticas. Una práctica es u...
  • Truth dies in four ways: (1) open hostility to ver...
  • J'ai donc choisi ma vie, comme si, à chaque étape,...
  • And this leads to another profound consequence of ...
  • "Come, Enkidu, you spawn of a fish, who knew no fa...
  • In the eighteenth century, Jena was and was not li...
  • The great epic stories of ancient Greece and Rome ...
  • But even closer to home, relativistic time dilatio...
  • Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's...
  • He spake also this parable: A certain man had a fi...
  • Some among my contemporaries pursued wealth, yet f...
  • In Idiocracy (2003) ist ein Wrestler und Pornostar...
  • Es gibt eine wiederkehrende Figur in den Erzählung...

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  • And yet
  • Any living being
  • Beyond this obvious reason
  • Have you heard of
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • Nevertheless
  • Nevertheless
  • Nevertheless
  • Similarly
  • Sometimes we are not aware
  • The purpose
  • Therefore
  • a close relationship
  • a relative will be similar
  • a salary increase
  • a set of resources
  • although each
  • approaching
  • attitudes
  • because at some point
  • before
  • behind
  • besides expressing
  • both what we consume and what we produce
  • but has value in itself
  • but with the
  • citizen
  • endless
  • for a scholarship
  • heart
  • helps us achieve
  • in the course of the text
  • is sufficient by itself
  • it requires life
  • kidneys
  • knowing how to argue
  • large amounts of information
  • liver
  • liver
  • living beings
  • makes use of a formal language
  • makes use of a natural language
  • opens the topic
  • other related notions
  • rugged
  • scholarship
  • similar
  • since both seek to persuade
  • so that one assumes a point of view
  • spheres
  • still
  • that is to say
  • that requires making a decision
  • that sensation
  • that still
  • that support that point of view
  • the answer to that question
  • the current knowledge society
  • the flowers will come out
  • the long bones
  • the mushrooms
  • the subjects must be responsible
  • the sugar level goes up
  • there are living beings
  • there are thousands of tasks
  • they differ in the methods they use
  • they have chosen
  • they have reflected on both aspects
  • they take care of
  • throughout history
  • tissues
  • to turn off the hunger signal
  • we must take into account
  • we want to allude to the advantages
  • well-known
  • when we ingest food
  • while
  • you can find
  • Despite the action (SPANISH)
  • I do not always find them so attractive (SPANISH)
  • I say this to remind you that (SPANISH)
  • It was practied by artists in Italy (SPANISH)
  • Maybe the quality (SPANISH)
  • The angles that form the saint's bent leg (SPANISH)
  • These are the stylistic features (SPANISH)
  • They look like notes (SPANISH)
  • Within the context of this grim scene (SPANISH)
  • as in the previous picture (SPANISH)
  • became more obvious (SPANISH)
  • belonged to (SPANISH)
  • can make us forget for a moment (SPANISH)
  • cloth (SPANISH)
  • emerged (SPANISH)
  • fill in the professional gap left (SPANISH)
  • focusing on the authors (SPANISH)
  • he moved to Italy (SPANISH)
  • in front of the Protestants (SPANISH)
  • in some places (SPANISH)
  • in terms of color (SPANISH)
  • its powerful anatomy is malleable (SPANISH)
  • mixing helplessness and hope (SPANISH)
  • of designed art (SPANISH)
  • of its power of communication (SPANISH)
  • proposed (SPANISH)
  • refers to (SPANISH)
  • showed (SPANISH)
  • shown here (SPANISH)
  • since dirt accumulates in the furrows (SPANISH)
  • since the subject (SPANISH)
  • slide on the stone in which it rests (SPANISH)
  • stands out for its beauty (SPANISH)
  • that are illuminated and those that remain in shadow (SPANISH)
  • that looks toward the sky (SPANISH)
  • that was understood (SPANISH)
  • that way (SPANISH)
  • that you see in the picture (SPANISH)
  • the ancient sculptures (SPANISH)
  • the emphasis (SPANISH)
  • the face (SPANISH)
  • the furrows (SPANISH)
  • the strength of the young man (SPANISH)
  • they had to adapt (SPANISH)
  • they relate to each other (SPANISH)
  • they were highlighted (SPANISH)
  • they were soon referring to him as (SPANISH)
  • thick (SPANISH)
  • those that are not (SPANISH)
  • to which it belongs (SPANISH)
  • toward fifteen years of age (SPANISH)
  • very pastel brushstrokes (SPANISH)
  • was accentuated (SPANISH)
  • were made (SPANISH)
  • were shipped to Spain (SPANISH)
  • when we look at (SPANISH)
  • where they had a lot of influence (SPANISH)
  • which is in the lower right corner (SPANISH)
  • who they bound and shot with arrows (SPANISH)
  • worked for the viceroys (SPANISH)
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
DESCUBRIENDO LA PINTURA EUROPEA DE 1400 A 1800, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
la influencia de Caravaggio fue tan grande, que surgió un estilo internacional basado en sus obras y que se asocia con su nombre, el "caravaggismo"
lo practicaron artistas en Italia, en España, en Francia, en los Países Bajos y en la actual Bélgica
la necesidad que se venía sintiendo en el continente de que apareciese una nueva forma de pintar, se vio satisfecha por las novedades que proponía Caravaggio
uno de los artistas más importantes en basar su estilo en Caravaggio, fue Jusepe Rivera
cuando diferentes artistas pintan en un estilo similar, cuando siguen las mismas normas en cuanto al color, el tipo de figura y el tipo de composición, sus diferencias se hacen más obvias, se resaltan... view all notes
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
todos los seres vivos estamos formados de células
las bacterias
los hongos
las plantas
los animales... view all notes
Friday, May 11, 2018
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
THE SCIENCE OF RELIGION, University of British Columbia
the building block approach to religion
break a story down into its blocks and components
one finds stories with some blocks added or removed, and it changes the story
the concepts of religion, magic and superstition are unstable
other cultures don't necessarily have a concept that translates directly into what we generally think of as religion... view all notes
Saturday, May 19, 2018
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
ESCRIBIR PARA CONVENCER, La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
el objetivo de la argumentación
escribir una carta en la que solicites un aumento de salario
hagas un reclamo
en todos estos textos tenemos en común el propósito de persuadir al interlocutor para que asuma como válido nuestro punto de vista y se adhiera a él
en estas situaciones, el impacto que podemos tener en los otros depende directamente de nuestras competencias de argumentación escrita... view all notes
Monday, May 21, 2018
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
HISTORY OF ROCK, 1970-PRESENT, University of Rochester
1990s important for female singer-songwriters
develops in the 1960s
Paul McCartney... view all notes
Sunday, May 27, 2018
Watched and took notes on MOOC lecture:
A HISTORY OF THE WORLD SINCE 1300, Princeton University
after WWI ended, the nations were faced with the task of rebuilding the core at the center of the world system
tried to patch up the differences they had
some envisioned a world that would put an end to the conflicts that had given rise to the First World War
an idea put forth as the war ground down: this should be a war to end all wars
this was the spirit, albeit not well proportioned, of the men who gathered in Versailles in France in 1919... view all notes
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