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C O U R S E 
Introduction to Public Speaking
Matt McGarrity, University of Washington
C O U R S E   L E C T U R E 
Developing Main Points Quickly
Notes taken on August 13, 2013 by Edward Tanguay
the skill set of developing main points and then being able to talk through each one is hugely useful in job interviews, informational interviews, client meetings, anytime you need to craft a message in a semi-formal setting
inventing main points
decide on your position, one side or the other
ask yourself why your thesis is true
try to come up with ten claims why your position is true
you will eventually use less, but let yourself brain storm
don't start writing or thinking in depth, i.e. don't get stuck on one point
mumble to yourself to try to get out ten points quickly
your main points not topic points, but whole-sentence claims
5th grade
high school
public speaking skills take a long time to nurture
public speaking skills are important in every grade
topics that help you think of ideas, e.g. "online education will never replace universities"
divide up the topic into parts
(1) online education is good at broadcasting information, whereas (2) traditional universities are good at cultivating learning environments
short term / long term
(1) online education will initially challenge traditional universities, but (2) they will eventually split into different entities
past / future
(1) extension education found its relationship with traditional universities, (2) online education will find a relationship with traditional universities
increase / decrease
(1) initially there will be an increase in online courses, but (2) we probably won't see a significant decrease in campus enrollments
cause / effect
(1) online education emerged because of adult learning, and (2) adult learning will impact traditional universities minimally