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C O U R S E 
The Kennedy Half Century
Larry J. Sabato, University of Virginia
C O U R S E   L E C T U R E 
JFK's Rise to Power
Notes taken on November 4, 2013 by Edward Tanguay
Kennedy family was combination of immigrant and success story
grandparents on father's side came over after potato famine in Ireland in 19th century
John Kennedy's father Joe Kennedy first one to make it big
in stock market
sensed stock market crash in 1929 and took his money out before if occurred
family was very well set
one of the richest families in America
Joe Kennedy married Rose Fitzgerald
also Irish Catholic
her father had been congressman and mayor of Boston
young JFK
his environment was a combination from very early on of money and political power
very sickly child
period in which doctors wondered if he would live
but always recovered
joke of family was that he was always so sick, when a mosquito bit him, the mosquito died
never very vigorous which is irony since most people see him has exceptionally vigorous as president
growing up, he had everything but good health
best schools, best food, best supervision, the best family
however, Kennedy's weren't universally accepted
the dominant strain was British, i.e. Old American, the Mayflower descendants
Irish Catholics in particular were looked down upon
caused the Kennedy family, especially Joe Kennedy, to be determined to "defeat the Brahmins"
communicated this frequently to his children
Joe Kennedy
political ambitions
Franklin Roosevelt's Chairman of the Security and Exchange commission
U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain in late 1930s
made great mistake
believed that Hitler would prevail and supported the appeasement policy of Neville Chamberlain
this ruined Joe Kennedy after war broke out
always hoped his first son Joe Jr. would be the first Irish Catholic president
Jack (John Kennedy) was a kind of backup, but was never very interested in politics.
his own interests were publishing or journalism
World War II
John was hero who in war, saving crew member in ship
Joe Jr. was jealous of younger brother's heroism was killed in action in plane that exploded
Jack became the repository of father's political dreams for his son
when he came back from the war, he worked for a newspaper
early 1947, 29 years old, won his first election for Massachusetts's House of Representatives
he was one of the WWII veterans who flooded congress