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C O U R S E 
The Music of the Beatles
John Covach, University of Rochester
C O U R S E   L E C T U R E 
Organizing the Biography
Notes taken on February 11, 2014 by Edward Tanguay
John Lennon (1940-1980)
guitar, lead vocals
Paul McCartney (1942-)
bass vocals
George Harrison (1943-2001)
lead guitar vocals
died of lung cancer
Ringo Starr (1940-)
original name: Richard Starkey
important to note: their date of birth
when they began to be popular 1963 in UK, 1964 in the US, they were only 20-23 years old
other people
Pete Best
original drummer
dismissed for "being a loner"
Stuart Sutcliffe
original bass guitar, not very good
left the band to pursue his career as an artist
one of John's art school friends
in Hamburg, met Astrid Kirchherr
Astrid Kirchherr
responsible for the early Beatles look
half in light, half in shade
George Martin (1926-)
Beatles producer
there from beginning
till end except for one album
much older, more of a school master, or the adult-in-the-room person
Brian Epstein (1934-1967)
Beatles manager
Allen Klein
manager took over at end of 60s
Paul McCartney didn't want him to be the manager
Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall
roadies, helped load gear
Neil went on to run Apple Records for them
school friend of Paul McCartney and George Harrison
Dick James
responsible for early publishing deal at beginning of career
while music industry was in London, Liverpool was a musical outpost, a port city
the city was prosperous but not seen as necessarily as cultured as London so there were issues concerning them being from Liverpool
from August 1960 to December 1962
where they learned their craft
played in clubs
Beatles main record label
parent company of Parlophone
U.S. label where Beatles records were released
also Vee Jay and Swan labels
organizing the music
important: there is a difference between British and American releases of Beatles music
US albums that were never released in Britain
Capitol would slice tunes off of the British releases
in the 1980s, the CDs were organized according to the UK releases
11 EMI albums
1 EP (Magical Mystery Tour)
Yellow Submarine
singles that do not appear on EMI albums: Past Masters
other recordings
Live at the BBC
how the Beatles sounded live in the early days
Anthology (bootleg)
musical composition
which songs were:
John's songs
Paul's songs
George's songs
there aren't many songs that John and Paul wrote together
John and Paul just helped each other out a bit
George wrote by himself mostly
used the recording studio in increasingly creative ways
other instruments work their way into the texture
front innocent, naive teen love to themes that are more philosophical and avant garde
always trying to push the envelope
learned and became experts in the pop craft year after year