American Web Developer in Berlin

My name is Edward Tanguay. This site has links to all my projects.

Published first version of my Datapod for Node framework

APR 19, 2019 - Finally got a very usable version of my Datapod for Node framework up and downloadable. Datapod for Node is a light-weight, self-contained web framework with which you can create fast database-powered web applications with user login, AJAX-based self-validating forms, easy-to-create pages, all within the rich development environment of Node, npm, and of course the latest version of ECMAScript.

Ran the Sevilla Marathon

FEB 17, 2019 - This was my third marathon in Spain after Madrid in 2013 and Barcelona in 2015. I flew to Málaga, then took a train up here so got to see some of the Andalusian countryside. Sevilla was a much larger city than I thought, endless narrow streets...more

Ran the Nantes Marathon

APR 22, 2018 - I knew very little about this city beforehand and since have learned of its dark history as a key port in the 18th century slave trade, and it was not untouched by the Germans or Allied bombing during WWII. Today it is a quite historically intact city, has endless, beautiful streets to discover, and a wonderful castle in the middle of the city (Château des ducs de Bretagne) with a moat that has been turned into a well frequented park...

Put My PHP and C# Instruction Videos Online

MAR 6, 2018 - Just put my six PHP and C# video trainings from Video2Brain online and accessible for free, from 2008 and 2010 but still quite relevant, over 14 hours of edited instruction, great for those who want to learn programming.

Ran the Zurich Marathon

APR 9, 2017 - Got out the door of my hotel at 6:00 AM to a cool but clear morning in Zurich. I got in Tram 2, which was quite empty ...

Ran the Warsaw Marathon

SEP 25, 2016 - The weather for today's Warsaw Marathon was absolutely perfect: a bit cool in the morning with blue sky, light clouds and a rising sun ...

Ran the Athens Marathon

NOV 8, 2015 - The Athens Marathon is called the Authentic Marathon for a reason: at 5:30 in the morning in pitch darkness, you get in a bus and are driven from Athens out to the town of Marathon...

Ran the Barcelona Marathon

MAR 15, 2015 - Had an extremely solid run today, it was my #22 marathon and definitely one of the marathons in which I felt my best, stayed at a 6-minute per kilometer pace with German team Lars, Matthias and Sven for 18K, then dropped back but never broke down, powered right up to the end even through the last 2K uphill...

Created Learn Tracker's Interactive Who's Who Page

OCT 17, 2014 - created a Who's Who page on my Learn Tracker site which lists 150+ historical people whom I have recorded in my MOOC lecture notes throughout the year, hover for quick info, click to see my notes for the lecture in which they were mentioned.

Ran the Rome Marathon

MAR 23, 2014 - spent five days in historical Rome where I ran the Rome Marathon on cobblestones and unexpected hills, but with a solid running energy which allowed me to get a 04:21:17, my 7th best time out of 21 marathons.

Relaunched Learn Tracker

JAN 01, 2014 - I began the year with a new version of my Learn Tracker which has become my central place to record everything I learn, especially my notes from watching lectures from the best of the best MOOCs available, approximately 300 per year.

Ran the Madrid Marathon

APR 28, 2013 - spent a fun weekend in Madrid and ran the Madrid Marathon on a perfect day, not too hot, and lots of fun people to run with, more like a running party than a marathon, got a decent time of 04:21:12 including an incline from 35K to 42K. The city of Madrid was beautiful, and I had the chance to meet up with old friends and see four museums there was well as the Palacio Real, a very fun weekend.

Ran the Bremen Marathon

OCT 06, 2013 - Ran the Bremen Marathon in 04:28:33 just under my goal of 4.5 hours. Everyone else in my family did the 10K and so with my marathon we had a family total of 72K in one day.

Launched new web developer site centered on HTML5 development

MAY 19, 2012 - I'm collecting all my HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery code examples on this site in preparation for my upcoming Video2Brain videos. This site is helpful to anyone getting into HTML5 & Co. as a developer and looking for quick and clear code examples.

Ran the Paris Marathon

APR 15, 2012 - had a very beautiful run through Paris on a very cold day for the Marathon de Paris 2012, it was an experience-filled weekend speaking French and discovering Montmartre for the first time, as well as other areas of the city. I'm now training for the Berlin Marathon in late September. Also have started learning Spanish for the Madrid Maratón 2013, seems like a beautiful city, Madrid.