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Notes on video lecture:
Carter's 1979 Warnings of Dependency on Middle East Oil
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
energy, Reagan, moral, unite, fragmentation, economy, alternative, meaning, foreign, tutoring, prophetic, abroad, never, oil, freedom, better, enough, 1980, rekindle, owns, more, turning, value, others, consumption, purpose, ordinary
1979 Carter
if he was going to have any chance of reelection in         , he needed to demonstrate that he had a viable plan for remedying the economic woes
Carter didn't turn around the               
critics blamed him for events             
November 1980              won
what Carter tried to do in 1979
Carter didn't believe that the        crisis was the main problem
but only a symptom of the problem
the problem was a self-indulgence and                       
human identity is no longer determined by what one does but what one         
we've discovered that owning things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for               
piling up material goods cannot fill up lives that have no confidence or               
he meant                  Americans
Carter's answer
we are at a                point of our history
the path that leads to                            and self-interest
down that road lies a mistaken idea of               
the right to grasp for ourself some advantage over others
the promises of our future point to another path
the path of common purpose and the restoration of           
we need a            renewal
energy will be our test to            this nation
on the battlefield of             , we can win
outlined an energy strategy which reduced dependence on                oil
invest in the development of                        energy
conserve and learn to get by with less
                 our sense of unity
Americans would have to tighten their belts but they would become a              people
but it didn't sell well
Americans wanted         , not less
sacrifice is something for              to do
they don't like to be blamed for the country's ills
the most effective response came from Reagan
we must decide that less is not             
Americans will            settle for less
having more was itself a virtue
Americans have no need for                  in the definition of freedom
in retrospect, Jimmy Carter's warnings had                    meaning on the next 35 years in our dealings with the Middle East
Events of 1979 That Changed American Foreign Policy
Carter's 1979 Warnings of Dependency on Middle East Oil
1980s: CENTCOM and Operation Bright Star
1980s: The United States, Iran and Iraq