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How to use fopen() to create a proxy site to read any website content into AJAX
If your provider allows fopen() on your hosting server, here is a script that allows you to get data from any website into AJAX, Silverlight, Flash, etc. If your provider doesn't support fopen() you can try this curl version.
$url = filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'url',FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING);

$validUrlPrefixes[] = "";
$validUrlPrefixes[] = "";

if(beginsWithOneOfThese($url, $validUrlPrefixes)) {
    echo loadFile($url);
} else
    echo "invalid url";

function loadFile($sFilename) {
    if (floatval(phpversion()) >= 4.3) {
        $sData = file_get_contents($sFilename);
    } else {
        if (!file_exists($sFilename)) return -3;                
        $rHandle = fopen($sFilename, 'r');
        if (!$rHandle) return -2;

        $sData = '';
            $sData .= fread($rHandle, filesize($sFilename));
    return $sData;

function beginsWithOneOfThese($main, $prefixes) {
    foreach($prefixes as $prefix) {
    if(beginsWith($main, $prefix))
        return true;
    return false;

function beginsWith($main, $prefix) {
    return strpos($main, $prefix) === 0;
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