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First after-work run: into Kreuzberg and back
01:20:00 - Got out about 6 PM, not as cold as it has been, good running weather actually, have to be wary of the hardened snow and ice those, most places sanded well, conducive to small steps and a choppy pace. Ran through Südkreuz train station and out the other side, listened to Rob Conery talk to Scott Hanselman about Subsonic, need to try that out, seems like the quickest most pragmatic DAL in the .NET line up. On into the night, ran past closed Tempelhof airport, all lights out there, all pilots somewhere else, all neighbors probably going through withdrawal symptons not hearing the buzzing planes, on through the edge of Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, took a left and finally after a long run met with Schloss Str. after running through the series of bridges from the marathon. Feet fine, legs a bit sore from Saturday, also listened to John Udell to Martin Murry about how an New Hampshire Elecritical Supplier used Twitter to communicate to people during electrical outages in the most recent ice storm. In all, a nicely choreographed run with some non-pod time at the end to just listen to the crunching snow under my feet, nice to be back in action after work, nice way to wind down.
How to run through a train station (keep the pace)
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