Mon, Jul 10, 2017 - 46K - 04:00:00
Potsdam Duathlon: 46K Bike / 1K Swim
I had heard from a friend in Potsdam that the city pool had opened again and one of its pools was 50-meters long, and so I wanted to try it out. I took off after breakfast about 11:00 AM on my bike down the Teltow Canal all the way to Teltow and then followed the signs to Potsdam past Stahnsdorf. I made it all the way to Potsdam train station on an uninterrupted bike path, very practical. The pool is across the street from the train station, just opened a couple weeks ago and so everything is new. It costs 4 euros for 2 hours of swimming and the swim lanes in the 50-meter pool are about two meters wide, so lots of room. The other pools had kids walking around inside large plastic bubbles on the water, looked fun. After my swim, I got lunch in Potsdam, ate in the park at Platz der Einheit, then took off back home this time over the Glienecke Brücke via Wannsee. The weather was wonderful, not too hot and no rain.