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My name is Ed Tanguay. This site has links to all my projects.

Ran the Madrid Marathon

APR 28, 2013 - spent a fun weeking in Madrid and ran the Madrid Marathon on a perfect day, not too hot, and lots of fun people to run with, more like a running party than a marathon, got a decent time of 04:21:12 including an incline from 35K to 42K. The city of Madrid was beautiful, and I had the chance to meet up with old friends and see four museums there was well as the Palacio Real, a very fun weekend.

Launched new web developer site centered on HTML5 development

MAY 19, 2012 - I'm collecting all my HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery code examples on this site in preparation for my upcoming Video2Brain videos. This site is helpful to anyone getting into HTML5 & Co. as a developer and looking for quick and clear code examples.

Ran the Paris Marathon

APR 15, 2012 - had a very beautiful run through Paris on a very cold day for the Marathon de Paris 2012, it was an experience-filled weekend speaking French and discovering Montmartre for the first time, as well as other areas of the city. I'm now training for the Berlin Marathon in late September. Also have started learning Spanish for the Madrid Maratón 2013, seems like a beautiful city, Madrid.

Posted four how-to videos showing how to use the free Hypercam to record screencasts

NOV 23, 2011 - very impressed with the video-based free math learning site Khan Academy, I have begun my project of creating a similar for learning languages by creating videos designed to show teachers and learners how to record teaching videos and upload them to YouTube. The plan is to get allow others learning and teaching languages to create short 2-minute videos explaining various aspects of language learning, and then start putting them together in a site like Khan Academy which encourages students to watch videos, complete exercises to earn points, stars, and reputation. If you are interested in joining us, please write me.

...just published Datapod-for-PHP Version 0.10.00

NOV 12, 2011 - my content management framework now has lots of new features, and a new site with lots of documentation, but the best part are the how-to videos with the kids screaming/playing in the background, yeah!

...ran Berlin Marathon in 04:31:35

SEP 25, 2011 - was a beautful day for a marathon, one of the enjoyable to run of the 16 that I've done, be sure to watch the Marathon starting line video, was in the front row of Block H, awesome

...personalized video2brain site just launched:

MAY 6, 2011 - you can now purchase and view all six of my C# and PHP video trainings at, thanks video2brain

...ran the Vienna marathon with my brother:

APR 17, 2011 - my brother Pete and I ran the Vienna Marathon last Sunday finishing together with a 04:36:52 on a perfect day in a beautiful city, here are 25 pictures and 17 videos of the race

...ELLABB project just launched with goal to reboot language learning in Berlin:

MAR 28, 2011 - this is a project for 2011 to build up a community of language learners in Berlin by pointing out where to learn English, French, and other languages and organizing tandem partners, book mobs and language mobs, and sharing language learning tips read more

...just published the first version of PHP for Datapod Reloaded:

SEP 12, 2010 - create a simple PHP site with a Google Doc as datasource - Makes data-backed websites dead simple. You set it up for someone, then share the Google Doc with them so they can update the data on their website.

...ran a 04:22:55 in the Regensburg Marathon:

MAY 16, 2010 - see my full Regensburg Marathon picture/video report - Had a wonderful weekend in the ancient city of Regensburg and ran a decent marathon time for the minimal training I've been doing since January 1 (less then 2 runs a week). Now getting ready for Berlin in September!

...published 8-hour, online PHP 5.3 video, thanks Video2Brain!

MAR 2, 2010 - watch free video how to install XAMPP on windows - My Video2Brain video on how to learn PHP 5.3 was just published. Has a very nice online experience, six videos are available for free and the rest you can purchase online and watch them all (flash player). my podcast notes site going:

FEB 27, 2010 - read my notes on podcasts I listen to - I listen to podcasts regularly on my 2.3 KM walks to and from work for the past couple months so I finally got a site up where I record the best quotes and ideas I hear from podcasts I listen to.

Recent video screencasts:

Here's some things I've been recently working on and exploring: