These are notes and flashcards from language learning videos I watch at Yabla. Each video is about 3-5 minutes long, is in full-speed authentic Italian (e.g. from movies, or commercials, or interviews) and below the video is the text in Italian and English. If you click on a word you get the definition. I try to watch one video per day, record useful phrases as flashcards, and then write a little review of it using Google Translate and Linquee. There is also a game at the end of each video where you listen to the video again and have to guess 10 words that are blanked out. A Yabla account costs $10 per month, but if you have the time to watch a video everyday, it is worth it, as your listening comprehension of authentic language will improve greatly.

Psicovip - Il pollo - Part 1
Notes taken on March 6, 2014 by Edward Tanguay
Questa era la prima volta che ho visto questo cartone animato. Anche se il suo nome è "Psicovip", la storia racconta il Supervip che è l'uomo più forte di l'universo, et suo fratello Minivip chi è il superuomo più debole della Terra. Forse la storia è raccontata del visto di punto dello psicologo. Lo guardo in futuro perché è pieno di ricca conversazione.
and therefore...
you're late, you know?
it's five o'clock exactly
since we're already late
make yourself comfortable
turn around
excuse me, I have lots of problems
I wanted to talk to you about a dream I had
one second, one second
last night
don't get upset
can't you see that
let's get to it, time is running
it's obvious
since time is running out
one minute left
if you like
I tried to take
no, no, wait
I just want to make a telephone call
no, not at all
don't worry
you need help?
time's up!
did you hear?