These are notes and flashcards from language learning videos I watch at Yabla. Each video is about 3-5 minutes long, is in full-speed authentic Italian (e.g. from movies, or commercials, or interviews) and below the video is the text in Italian and English. If you click on a word you get the definition. I try to watch one video per day, record useful phrases as flashcards, and then write a little review of it using Google Translate and Linquee. There is also a game at the end of each video where you listen to the video again and have to guess 10 words that are blanked out. A Yabla account costs $10 per month, but if you have the time to watch a video everyday, it is worth it, as your listening comprehension of authentic language will improve greatly.

Il Commissario Manara (1/5)
Notes taken on January 15, 2014 by Edward Tanguay
Questa serie televisiva su un investigatore è diventato il mio video preferito da guardare. Il commissario ha apparentmente molte relazioni con le donne, quindi ci sono le conversazioni spesso spiritosi in cui lui e le donne flirtare con l'altro.
come in...alright, come in
shut the door
all your former classmates
special treatment
yeah, I know, you're right
in fact, I came to
listen up
even though I don't know how you did that
thank heavens that
because I hate the country
because I like to stay out late
and because I can't stand the
I'm trying to
I've already done it.
the blue button
alright, so we should come right away?
come on, it's time to get to work
some other time
where are we going? / to work, come on
welcome to my place
in his sleep
or else
it's nice here, isn't it?
thanks for the ride
we'll see each other tomorrow?
no joke