These are notes and flashcards from language learning videos I watch at Yabla. Each video is about 3-5 minutes long, is in full-speed authentic Italian (e.g. from movies, or commercials, or interviews) and below the video is the text in Italian and English. If you click on a word you get the definition. I try to watch one video per day, record useful phrases as flashcards, and then write a little review of it using Google Translate and Linquee. There is also a game at the end of each video where you listen to the video again and have to guess 10 words that are blanked out. A Yabla account costs $10 per month, but if you have the time to watch a video everyday, it is worth it, as your listening comprehension of authentic language will improve greatly.

Anna e Marika: Al Biondo Tevere
Notes taken on February 5, 2014 by Edward Tanguay
È bene che ho visto questo video perchè hanno riferito di un ristorante che ha buone pizze. Vorrei andare a questo ristorante quando mi trovo a Roma il mese prossimo. Alcuni film usato questo ristorante come un luogo. Forse posso guardare i film prima che viaggio a Roma.
today we're in a beautiful play along the Tiber
how old is this restaurant?
it has been around since 1915
we've seen in photographs hung on the wall
yes, because we're obviously in Rome
and there below is the Tiber river
a very old Roman road
the waiter came and gave us some water
first he asked us if we wanted...
maybe it's better to avoid it
good, have you chosen?
and with luck...
it's coming now
tell us a little bit about the history of your place
then, wait, the first...
can you tell us a little about...