Here's some ways you can earn points:

    Learn Keyboard Shortcuts for an Application.
    Choose any application or operating system that you use and lookup the keyboard shortcuts for it, record the useful ones and send them to me in an e-mail. 
    Explain a Foreign Word or Phrase.
    Find a foreign phrase that doesn't exist in German or English and explain it, e.g. "La Fête des voisins". Get double points by explaining it in the language in which it occurs. 
    Watch a Mental Floss Science Show.
    Watch a Mental Floss Science Show and write a report. 
    Learn How to Play Ticket To Ride.
    Learn how to play Tickt to Ride and then teach us all how to play it. 
    Create a Photo Book of our France Vacation.
    Download the software to make a photo book, then take all of our pictures from our France vacation and create a photo book which gets sent to us in the mail 
    Learn How to Play Backgammon.
    Learn how to play backgammon and then teach us all how to play it. 
    Watch a VSauce Science Documentary.
    This science show in English is the closest I have seen to Pur Plus. Michael Stevens has been doing these videos since 2007 and has an entertaining style which also seems to aim at understanding topics more deeply than just presenting various interesting facts. Watch a video and send me a report on it via e-mail. 
    Read a magazine article and write a report on it in English.
    Read a magazine article in English or German and write a report on it in English and send it to me via e-mail. 
    Watch a EuroNews with transcription.
    Watch a EuroNews video in English or French or Spanish while reading the transcription. Send me an e-mail with what you understood from the video and/or any words you learned. 
    Find something useful to do on the computer.
    If you find some kind of website or service that is useful, send me an e-mail and describe it. 
    Create a Free, Professional-Looking Website with WIX.
    Sign up, choose a site you like, change it, and publish it in minutes, very easy and the resulting site only has a small add on it for WIX, great if you need to make a site fast. 
    Resize an image in Gimp.
    Use Gimp to resize an image, make a large photo smaller to include in an e-mail: right-click on image in Gimp | image | resize. 
    Crop an image in Gimp.
    Use Gimp to crop an image, e.g. cut the edges off a photo to make it look nicer. Click on the crop tool on the left. 
    Find a piece of art that you like and write about it.
    Go to either the Google Art Project or Wiki Paintings, find a piece of art that you really like and describe it to me in an e-mail telling me why you like it. 
    Create a DIY Account.
    Create an account at DIY, play it, and see what it is. 
    Find something to do during our trip to France this summer.
    Google around and find things that we can do while in Paris and Bretagne this summer. Post it in our France Vacation 2013 Google Doc. A good place to start is the Wikipedia articles for Bretagne and Paris
    Read a "How I Work" article.
    Pick out a "How I Work" article, read it, and send me a report on what it was a about. These are articles in which someone who has a cool job is interviewed. 
    Watch a Sleep Over Club episode in English.
    Watch a Sleep Over Club episode in English and send me a report on what happened. 
    Find Something to Build at and Build it.
    Check out the hundreds of things that kids are building at the DIY site, pick one out, build it, and send me an e-mail and a picture of it. 
    Do a 20-minute session at Khan Academy.
    Work on Khan Academy for 20 minutes and send me an e-mail on what you did. 
    Create a Self-Created Thing.
    Create something without intsructions from materials that you find at home. Give it a name and a number, take a picture of it, describe it, and send it all to me via e-mail. 
    Write a Google Apps Script.
    Figure out how to write a script to do something useful with Google Apps. Just follow the instructions on the screen, in about five lines it shows you how to programmatically create a document, add text to it, and send a link to the created document via e-mail. 
    Find something useful to do with our iPad.
    I think most of the use we are going to get out of the iPad are the easy-to-use apps that you can install. Search Google for words such as iPad educational use or go to sites like this one that has productivity apps on it and see if you can find a way that the iPad can help you do what you want to do in a more effective way. 
    Teach me something useful on the iPad.
    The iPad is a completely different interface than our laptops, and with it come different skills to master it and use it effectively. Look at sites such as iPad Academy or look through the answers at or even ask questions there to find out how to e.g. all the iPad-specific features, how to cut-and-paste, how to save a picture on the iPad so you have access to it on your laptop, new keyboard shortcuts, how to connect our USB cameras to the iPad, how to print from the iPad, find the best casing for an iPad so that we can stand it up on the kitchen table and e.g. read recipes on it while cooking, how to get two applications to appear on the screen so e.g. we can watch videos and type at the same time, or find out how to connect a USB keyboard to it so that we can type faster on it. Send me a an e-mail with your tip, trick, how-to, or idea: the more useful it is, the more bonus points I'll give. 
    Sign up for an account at and ask a question.
    Superuser is a website that allows you to post a question about how to do anything on your computer, and often within minutes, answers to your question will start appearing from people around the world. 
    Install a German spellchecker for Chrome.
    So that you can spell check your words when you write me e-mails, find and install a German spellcheck for your browser. 
    Read a newspaper article and send me a report on it.
    In any newspaper or magazine, read an article and then send me an e-mail telling me what was interesting about it. Or if you want to read online, you could just start at or
    Figure out how to make an online form that records into a Google Spreadsheet.
    Figure out how to make an online form at Google Docs so that you can e.g. create a survey or questionaire for a group, send it out, and everyone goes to the URL, fills out the response, and it is saved in your Google Spreadsheet. Here's an example of Google spreadsheet form that a developer at Microsoft made and sent out to his social media followers in order to get their ideas for the best software tools of 2012. 
    Sign up for this Math Advents Calendar.
    Get an account at this math advents calendar so that you get e-mails every day with a math question and then go to the site to type in the answer. Prizes include a Lenovo ThinkPad. 
    Do a free lesson at in any language.
    Pick any language and work through a lesson, takes about 5 minutes, then send me a report on some of the words you learned and how you liked it. 
    Send a torn-edge (or other effect) screenshot with snagit via e-mail.
    With Snagit, make a screenshot as usually but add a "torn edge" effect (or some other effect) to it before sending it in an e-mail. 
    Read an Italian news article with Google Translate.
    Choose an article from the Italian Google News site that you would like to read, use Google Translate to translate it, read it, and send me a report. 
    In a Google Spreadsheet, use the "extend pattern" tool.
    Create a Google Spreadsheet and in three cells type 1, 2, 3, then drag little dot down and see how it creates 4, 5, 6, etc. Try other patterns. 
    Take a picture with a digital camera and print it out.
    Take pictures with the digital camera, copy onto harddrive, then print it out, e.g. to take to school for a project. 
    Watch a Logo News Episode.
    Watch a Logo news episode and send me a mail on what you learned. Here's Karla's instructions on how to get to the show: 
    klicke auf den Fernseher, 
    und dann siehst du so ´´Kugeln´´. 
    Du guckst so lange nach logo bis du es findest, 
    und dann klickst du drauf. 
    Take a picture and copy it to a USB stick.
    Take a picture with a digital camera, hook it up to the computer via USB, copy the .jpg file that you took to the hard drive, disconnect the camera cable, then put in a USB stick and copy the file to the USB stick. 
    Order your school lunch online and print it out.
    Go to the site, order your lunch for next week, and print out what you ordered. 
    Watch a video at Prime Tutor Online.
    Watch any video on this site and send me a report 
    Scan a page, save as PDF, and send it via e-mail.
    Scan a page on the scanner into a PDF file, then send it via e-mail attachment to me. 
    Try out German/English dictionary
    Look up a word at and report how you like it. It seems a bit faster than LEO and there is not so much clutter. 
    Try out Sofatutor.
    Try this new service out to learn any topic you are learning in school in a Khan Academy fashion, "über 8100 Lernvideos in 19 Fächern". 
    Download, install and use KeyPass.
    Download Keypass, install it, and save a password in it. 
    Send a picture from camera via e-mail.
    Take pictures with the digital camera, copy onto harddrive, then send embedded with Google mail. 
    Watch a free English video at yabla with German subtitles.
    Watch the video and send me a report on what you understood, for instance, here is a video on Greenpeace that you might like. 
    Make something at WikiHow.
    Pick out something at WikiHow and make it, for example, the Candy Corn Jello Shots and glow jars, or how to draw a two-link chain. 
    Make a new AutoHotKey macro.
    After you have installed AutoHotKey, create a new macro with it (edit your man.akh file), then send me a mail and tell me which macro you made. 
    Sign up for a coursera class.
    Look throeugh all the courses at Coursera and choose the one you would be most interested in taking. I'll sign up for it too and we'll participate in it together as much as possible. 
    Watch a Löwenzahn show.
    Watch a show and send me a mail describing what you learned 
    Change desktop background picture.
    Search Google images for a picture you like (click on "large" on the left to only get high resolution pictures) and then set it as your background 
    Subscribe to a Google alert.
    go to the site and sign up 
    Use 7zip to zip and unzip files.
    Download, install and use 7zip to make a backup of files you are working on into a zip file and e.g. send it via e-mail. Then unzip that file somewhere else to get the files out again. 
    Watch a National Geographic Video in English.
    Here are a number of videos on animals that you might find interesting, you might also find the people and places videos interesting, e.g. here's a video about Stone Henge where we were in England, or a video on Turkish kids in Germany or kids in Spain
    Watch a TED Talk video for kids.
    There are literally hundreds of TED videos that you might find interesting to watch e.g. about Google's driverless car but here is a link to TED talks that have to do with children that you might be more interested. Watch one and send me a report, enjoy! Oh, here, I just found this one of a guy who built a dinosaur that acts like a living pet. You might also like this one by a guy who builds self-aware robots
    Watch a Science Guy video.
    This is as close to an English version of Pur+ that I can find, shows about science for kids in English. Send in a report for the points, plus 1 point for every word you learned in the video. 
    Create a graph in Google Spreadsheet.
    Create a spreadsheet in Google Docs, then enter numbers that you want to graph, e.g. number of Learning Academy activities completed every day, then create a graph out of it. 
    Look up an English phrase at
    Look up a phrase such as "jederzeit verfügbar to see how people have translated this on German/English websites. As a rule, use LEO for looking up one word, and use for looking up two words or more, or a phrase. After you have looked up a phrase, send it to me via e-mail to get the points. 
    Use Leo to find, record as flashcards five English words you want to know.
    Pick five words you don't know in English and look them up in LEO, then create five paper flashards of these words. Send me the words in an e-mail for credit. 
    Use Leo to find, record as flashcards five French words you want to know.
    Pick five words you don't know in French and look them up in LEO, then create five paper flashards of these words. Send me the words in an e-mail for credit. 
    Use Leo to find, record as flashcards five Spanish words you want to know.
    Pick five words you don't know in Spanish and look them up in LEO, then create five paper flashards of these words. Send me the words in an e-mail for credit. 
    Install AutoHotkey and make a macro.
    Download and install AutoHotkey, then create a macro which for text you type often, e.g. "Best regards," or "Viele Grüße" so that you just have to type e.g. "bbre" or "vvv" and the text pops in no matter where you are typing it, e.g. in gmail or in a browser field. AutoHotkey can be a bit complicated to set up, so let's do this one together and we'll get it set up on your computer. 
    Make a video and use Movie Maker to apply effects to it.
    Use one of our cameras to create a movie, load it onto the computer, then use the free MovieMaker (I think it is installed on the main computer) to add effects to it, e.g. cut parts out, make some parts faster, apply some effects that you see in movies that you watch, especially Mortified has some good effects. 
    Make a video and use YouTube to apply effects to it.
    Use one of our cameras to create a movie, load it onto the computer, then upload it to YouTube and apply effects to it, e.g. cut parts out, make some parts faster, apply some effects that you see in movies that you watch, especially Mortified has some good effects. The editing features at YouTube get better all the time, try them out. 
    Create a youtube video and send to someone as private link.
    Use one of the cameras, make a video (e.g. of you reading, or doing a handstand, etc.), then copy it to the computer, upload it to youtube, save it as "public with link", then send me a link to it in an e-mail. 
    Take a screenshot of a portion of the screen with SnagIt, and send it with e-mail.
    Send it both as an embedded image (copy an paste into gmail) and as an attachment (since sometimes people will not be able to see an embedded picture in whatever email client they are using, and you have to attach it so they can see it). 
    Measure a distance in Google Earth.
    Make a simple PHP page.
    I'll show you how to set up a PHP page on your computer, but if you just want to try out some code samples, get some examples here and then try them out live here, or, alternatively, you can watch one of my video2brain videos and I'll explain it to you personally! :-) 
    Create a Google text document and write in it simultaneously with someone else.
    Create a document in Google Docs, then share it with me, and we will both work on the document at the same time. 
    Learn how regular expressions work.
    Learn the concept of how software forces strings to have a certain format, e.g. here that a line has to have 9 digits only: 
    Go to to test some regular expressions out, and see some regex examples to learn more. Then in Notepad++, search using a regex, e.g. for the words "color" and "colour" at the came time. 
    View video2brain video on Gimp and then use Gimp to try it out.
    Watch one of the free videos on Gimp at either the German or French video2brain site and then in Gimp do what you learned. 
    Make an HTML page with CSS.
    Create a simple HTML page with CSS styles in a style block. 
    Learn something about how to eat better and send me what you learned.
    You might want to start here or just Google for what you are interested in learning. 
    Copy songs from a CD onto your MP3 player.
    Find a CD which has songs you want to convert to your MP3 player, then download Free Rip and store the MP3 files on your hard drive, then copy them to your MP3 player. 
    Learn how to collect your favorite songs at youtube in a playlist so you can play them at one.
    Look up a word in onelook and make a bookmark for onelook.
    Go to and look up a word such a "joyous", notice that it looks up the word in 100s of dictionaries which you can click on. Then make a bookmark in your browser so it is just a click away, I use onelook as my main dictionary. 
    Create a Google Spreadsheet and record something in it.
    Create a Google Drive spreadsheet and record something in it like your handstands or Youtube show watching times.