ELLABB - Effective Language Learners around Berlin and Brandenburg


My name is Edward Tanguay, I created ELLABB as a way to explore methods of learning languages without paying for language instruction or going to language classes.

My first project for ELLABB was to create this website which I use daily to record my language learning activities and to see a history of my learning progress.

ELLABB also meets once a month in a pub or cafe somewhere in Berlin where we talk about ways we are learning languages, new mobile apps or Internet tools we are using, and exchange infos about tandem meetups, conversation groups, and other language learning events going on in Berlin. If interested, join us at meetup.com.

How can you use this website?

This website is for me to record my language learning activities, and for others to see the methods and resources I am using. It is also a research and development platform for working out the optimal characterictics to build a multi-user, multi-lingual language learning platform.

If you are a developer and are interested in building an opensource community platform for language learning, please contact me.

If you are interested in using this website to record your own language learning, please contact me and I'll create a login for you in exchange for you giving me feedback on your experience using it.

Where does the name ELLABB come from?

There is an association in Berlin called ELTABB ("English Language Teaching Association of Berlin and Brandenburg") which has as its focus "teachers helping teachers". The name ELLABB ("Effective Language Learners Around Berlin and Brandenburg") indicates that this is a similar association except that the focus is not teaching language,