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-- Note: This page is a museum piece from 1997. My new stuff is at www.tanguay.info --

The Online Reading ClubThe Online Reading Club is a group of about thirty people in five different countries who read a piece of world literature every two weeks and send their reviews on it to each other via email. The purpose of the club is to widen and vary our reading backgrounds and general knowledge. This club is especially for students, professors, writers, those learning English, German or French as a second language, and anyone who wants to read a wide variety of texts. All past reviews are available on the Online Reading Club home page.

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If you are a language teacher or a language learner, you will find my newest project www.net-language.com useful as a resource. Start at the link page for English teachers for instance and look at the plethora of services available to you to the teacher of English. Don't forget to sign up for the free E-Mail Newsletter in order to regularly receive links to new services as they become available.

Web Design Since early 1996, I have been learning web design, mainly through reading books and getting help from others on the listservs and newsgroups. This page is a collection of links, notes, examples, ideas, resources, and general information on web design. If you are a web designer or just want to create your own home page, you'll like this page. The History of the InternetWhen I began teaching the Internet in 1993, I was surprised to find out that it already had quite a long and interesting history. It is now doubling itself every four months, changing the way we do business, get information, organize ourselves into groups, and communicate with each other.


The Art of MemoryOn this page, I collect and explain my memory techniques which I have developed over the last 12 years. After reading the impressive Page-A-Minute Memory Book by Harry Lorayne in 1985, I became interested in memory techniques. Since then, I have performed a number of memory stunts and have applied this principle to language learning. Check this page out if you are interested in memory.
Teach EnglishA page full of helpful resources for the English Teacher. Find out how to find full lesson plans online, find authentic text or audio material on the Internet, get an answer to a teaching question, find English teaching software, and buy English books online free of shipping and handling costs.

Learn EnglishToday it is easy to use the Internet to learn English. From online classes to reading, writing, listening and grammar resources, as well as speaking opportunities via Internet telephony, the Internet offers everything you need to improve your English right at your computer. This page shows where to start.

Colorado HistoryThe stories of early Colorado are ripe with drama, intrigue, and a sense of wide-open freedom unique to the time. The scramble for gold, the race to lay track, the rapid building of towns and cities, the incredible engineering feats, and the drama of the lonely and rugid human element in the mountains and prarie combine to make Colorado history one of the most fascinating areas of American Western history.
Some things I have writtenHere is a growing collection of things I have written which include a 10-Day Road Trip Through the Colorado Rockies and a reflection on my ten-year reunion called Pieces of a Reunion. This is just a start. I want to turn this area into a type of writer's club in the future to encourage shared writing.
7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThe purpose of this page is for me to identify and collect the most significant points from Stephen Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I have  found in this book a gold mine of sober and solid ideas for improving personal and professional management and forming quality relationships with other people. I recommend this book to anybody who wants to live a more productive and wholesome life. My comments are organized according to the chapters in the book so if you are reading the book, it will be easy to look up my notes on the section you are reading. .

Useful LinksI use this page as my start-up page in Netscape so that everything that I use on the Internet is just a click away: search engines, phone books, atlases, encyclopedias, news, and radio stations. I have made it fast-loading so that you can use it as your start-up page as well. I constantly update it so whether you are old or new to the Internet, you will be able to find something useful on this page


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